Agilis Part 2 - 'How it works'
An explainer / How-it-works animation movie I have completed - from concept to final edit.

I had to convey the message of remoteness + independence + the ability of the vehicle to keep working continuously while it's being fed with fresh ingredients - which is one of its prime feature. 

Follow my work:

About Agilis:
Agilis is a mobile remote batch plant - it can go anywhere, mix and pour fresh lab quality concrete. It carries it's own water and dry-mix and can be fed/re-fueled on the spot with pre-delivered dry-mix and on-location water supply.
Ruf Diamond, Bay Lynx and Powertraxx have teamed up to bring the most advanced remote concrete casting solution in the form of a mobile batch plant which can go where no drum-truck has gone before.
Some behind the scenes:
preview of the Auger's mixing and pouring Fluid-Dynamics simulation
The following are some lighting/atmosphere tests:
testing of the water heating - cross section concept
testing of the soon to be Auger Archimedes Screw - physically accurate fluid-dynamics simulation
Storyboard 1/2
Storyboard 2/2
Thank you for watching - I appreciate it.

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