Fan-Art inspired by Condor Airlines new Branding by Vision Alphabet
It is by sheer coincidence that this Thanksgiving I'm releasing this non-commercial, kind of fan-art, totally for self research little clips I've been working on in my free time.

I'll explain.
It all started last April.
I saw an amazing piece of Branding work done by top creative firm Vision Alphabet from Berlin directed and owned by Remo Masala (of whom work I have followed since).
It was for Condor Airlines.
Rebranding an Airline is not easy. I don't know what exactly was the 'one thing' that caught my attention so hard - my guess is that it was a very bold move on their behalf. I went in and read all that there was to read about this move by Condor Airlines and everything that was translated into visuals and messages by Alphabet to reintroduce the Airline to a new, post-covid & traumatic world. Alphabet's work seemed utterly precise to me.
I am exposed to all kinds of branding work being done all over the world on a daily basis. But this one was different. Even though I've never flown or seen a Condor Airline plane in real life, I guess it was the universality of the messages and values that had such a profound effect on me. It immediately sparked a flow of inspiration and passion in me, so intense that I had to create something to get it off my mind. I couldn't resist but celebrate it with my own work.

So, Alphabet, Mr. Remo Masala, and of course - Condor Airlines. in the spirit of the holidays (and vacationing) A Huge Thank You for the inspiration. And I wish you all prosperity, joy and to keep inspiring people in ways you didn't even realized
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